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Welcome to the Email Research group website. Clearly the email is most successful application used in organizations for communication, knowledge exchange, sharing, collaboration, etc. However, the volume of emails that a knowledge worker has to process per day is just overwhelming, leading to reduced productivity and increased stress. There is a major opportunity for Management Science and Information Systems researchers to study and develop effective and efficient email use and processing strategies. Ron Weber (MISQ, Editor-in-Chief 2002-2005), in his editorial statement (Sept, 2004), also issued a call for more IS research in understanding the email phenomenon.

Our goal at REMS is to develop solutions for various problems caused by emails (specifically email-overload) that a knowledge worker faces. While Spam and filtering are important areas in email research, our work focuses on managing those non-spam emails that have passed filters and have to be processed by knowledge workers to accomplish their task and objectives. For groups that work on spam and filtering, please see ‘Related links’ section of the website. For a more elaborate description of the problem, please read 'The problem of Emails' . Our research methodologies encompass analytical modeling, simulation and behavioral studies.



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